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Always actively sensing, feeling, conceptualizing -,


capturing the essence;

internalizing my impressions with the gradual filtering through the depths of my consciousness,
culminating in the moment, with a series of eruptive and frenzied applications of paint.

I try very hard to paint directly without a preconceived idea of outcome, channeling the moment to the canvas.

Engaged, I strive to achieve through movement and texture my perception of the world in which I live.

There are no lines.

Exploring form through the dynamism of atmosphere, interpolations of light, and the expansion / compression of space,
my work is of the dance that is paint.

Flows of visual poetry;
visual treats,
textural and compositional moments.

It is of the paint probing places beyond reach, discerning what is not before you;
that space in your mind that perceives and feels but is not limited to, nor confined by knowledge or definition.

My work seeks purity, the image of non image.


I Am That I Paint.

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