Of The Moment: Sights, Symmetries, Mirrors and Compositions

fungh133fungh133Almost SpringWild TurkeyBengal ScapeBlooms Mill FallsBeacon ViewNo MistakeMorning Clouds Adj2 Vrt SqzHeron w BrdrHeron w BWHeronPt Clyde LighthouseSYM 4684 MaineAfter The RainDusk At The ShoreCompositionNew DayKoi PondSnow DayDouble SunsetSYM Ebbing Tide MaineMajick 'shroomJockey Hollow TreesTaconicWest 104th4849 MaineSunset CalifonMorning CloudsPt ClydeVerrazanoRiffle SftSunset Over NihauCallifon SunsetClouds Over Ocean ANIMDriftwood DeusCroton ResevoirCloud Reflection FantasyCastle PointSYM KahunaWing Castle WoodsCastle PondClouds w SunMetropolitan SunsetCroton CompositionSquall Over New JerseyCroton Resevoir ALT2SquintCAlifon Sunset SftBone SandCroton CompositionClouds Over Ocean Alt3 ANIMGathering Storm w AeroplaneLogLog rvLog rv2Big SkyCloud SwirlSunset 4 Jan 2017StumpIllumeDecember Sun - WildwoodSYM Majestic SkyCold LAte Afternoon In January ALTClouds Over OceanRiffleSunset w VirgaOctober MagicDaybreakCroton Resevoir ALTApproaching Storm w VirgaClouds Over Ocean ADJ 2Mirror: Setting SunMirror 0179mirror: Pt Clyde


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