Intellective Work
Imagine An Object
by M Zlotkin


Imagine an object you can see, can touch,

that you can understand

Imagine its form, it's size, it's breath, it's mass

Imagine it's surface

scintillating, reflective, dull, transparent, translucent, opaque,

ever changing in the light,

malleable, rigid, fluid...

Does it emit, absorb, reflect or refract the light?

Imagine all these conditions simultaneously

Consider only a moment of random condition

Know that this object,

like all objects,

is composed of vacuous moments of emptiness,

of space, of energy, of electrons, neutrons, atoms,

each assembled to form the myriad molecular configurations necessary to comprise this object


Contemplate this object


Assign to each aspect of each molecule random alphanumeric characters,

of any alphabet of any language of any numeric system

of all alphabets of all languages and all numeric systems

AND you, you can clearly see the alphabetic assemblages, the numeric associations,

the chains of characters of the intertwined and convoluted molecules

You can see the characters,

their relational proximaties,

the word forms, the numeric expressions

their concepts and ideas

How does it read? What does it say?

Do you see a message?

Is it sacred?


© 2003 - 2018  All Rights Reserved M Zlotkin